Ravenswood Family Health Center serves a diverse and constantly changing population of low-income families and uninsured residents in south San Mateo County.  Our primary service area includes East Palo Alto, Belle Haven in Menlo Park, North Fair Oaks in Redwood City. Over one third of the residents were born outside the U.S; the majority come from Mexico, Central America and the Pacific Islands.

Profile of our Patients in 2018

In 2018, Ravenswood Family Health Center served a total of 17,724 unduplicated patients, 7,416 of whom were children ages 0-18. Additional demographic details of Ravenswood patients include:

  • 91% live at 200% or below of the federal poverty level
  • 98%  are Latino, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and African American
  • 33% are uninsured
  • 65% are enrolled in public health coverage programs such as Medi-Cal and Medicare
  • 5% identify themselves as homeless

Patient Services Utilization

In 2018, Ravenswood Family Health Center provided 89,531 visits, including:

  • 45,880 visits for primary health care
  • 16,321 visits for dental care
  • 2,057 visits for integrated behavioral health care
  • 3,842 visits for optometry and vision care
  • 21,430 visits for enabling services