Ravenswood is a catalyst for talent, for people with a keen interest in supporting the health care needs of the underserved. Our staff is as diverse as our patient population: 47% Latino, 9% Pacific Islander, 11% African American, and 33% Caucasian/other. Since Spanish, Tongan or Samoan is the first language of 74% of our patients, having a bi-lingual staff is essential.

It is the professional skills of our staff and their sensitivity to our patients that determine how effective we are as a health care organization. Our bi-lingual/bi-cultural staff has both expert health care knowledge and skills and firsthand knowledge of life in low income, culturally diverse communities. This combination allows Ravenswood to bridge cultural barriers and create a bridge to health care for the underserved residents of our service area.

As a staff we hold to a high standard. Every week there are training sessions to help us improve. Licensed professionals receive a week off and an expense allowance for continuing medical education (CME).

To learn about the dedication and competence of our exceptional staff read the short bios under each staff category.

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