Ashley was born premature. Worried that Ashley would have health problems later on in life, Ashley’s mom, Carina, always put Ashley’s health as first priority and took her to Ravenswood Family Health Center (RFHC) for all of her pediatric needs.

When Ashley was a toddler, she was frequently seen by her RFHC pediatrician for broken bones. “[Ashley] would walk [and] bump into things and fall continuously,” Carina shares. “She had problems with [one of her bones], where every time she fell, it broke.” At first, Carina thought Ashley’s incoordination, falls, and subsequent broken bones were due to a balance issue.

When Ashley was four years-old, her teachers informed Carina that she was having academic challenges. “[That] pushed me to focus on her vision,” Carina explains. She took Ashley to RFHC hoping to get answers. Ashley’s pediatrician conducted a vision screening test to determine if her eyesight was affecting her ability to learn. After Ashley failed the test, her pediatrician referred her to Dr. Sonia Menchavez, RFHC’s Optometry Director, for a more thorough exam.

After examining her eyes, Dr. Menchavez determined that Ashley had poor vision and this was likely the reason she had been walking into things and having difficulties in school. To correct Ashley’s eyesight, Dr. Menchavez prescribed her glasses to wear full-time. “I was happy!” Ashley shares when asked about how she felt wearing glasses for the first time. “It was easier to move around!”

Ashley is now in the second grade and is doing well in school! She always wears her glasses, which help her focus on her studies and not walk into things! Carina smiles as she thinks about how far her daughter has come in the past four years. “Now she knows how to read; she knows her alphabet, numbers, and everything!” Carina exclaims excitedly. Carina is grateful to Dr. Menchavez and RFHC’s Optometry department for giving Ashley the gift of sight and for helping her to succeed in life.