At Ravenswood Family Health Center, we work with our patients every step of the way? from their healthcare needs, to achieving major milestones in their lives! When Shamika and her partner began talking about starting a family, she made it her mission to be as healthy as possible to have a baby. “Before [we start a family] I want to make sure everything is alright,” she says.

Shamika reached out to her Ravenswood primary care physician, Dr. Jonathan Shaw, for support. She has been a patient of Dr. Shaw’s ever since he was a provider at Ravenswood’s former Belle Haven health clinic in Menlo Park. Shamika was thrilled when he moved to Ravenswood’s main facility, which made it possible for her to receive healthcare services closer to home. “I actually love it because I still have my same doctor,” Shamika smiles. She is thrilled to have Dr. Shaw working with her – especially since she is comfortable with him and because he has delivered babies before! She regularly meets with Dr. Shaw for her necessary check-ups and blood tests.

When Shamika’s lab results indicated that she had hypothyroidism, which could result in infertility or adverse fetal development if left untreated, Dr. Shaw immediately sat down with Shamika to address it. After discussing with Dr. Shaw, Shamika decided to try a medication to help manage her condition. Shamika’s recent lab results show that by taking her medication, her thyroid hormone is within the normal range and it will not hinder her plans to have a baby! In addition to helping her manage her hypothyroidism, Dr. Shaw has also referred Shamika to Ravenswood’s OBGYN, Dr. Sonia Santana, in Women’s Health for additional support and routine examinations.

Shamika is grateful to have doctors who are committed to helping her prepare for this new chapter in her life “[Dr. Santana] always checks-up on me, and so does Dr. Shaw.” Even if she does not have an appointment, Shamika will contact her doctors whenever she has questions or concerns. “There [was] a time I [contacted] Dr. Shaw and I was like in tears because I was just having a bad day. But after talking with him I felt really good.” It is this care and support from Ravenswood’s providers that will help Shamika on her path to good health and motherhood.